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Boards, Committees, & Commissions

Animal Advisory Task Force

  • Betty Burkett, Chair
  • Mayor Sara Wood-Shaw
  • Police Chief Tom Mitchell
  • Area Veterinarian
  • Jana Howe (Director, MCAS)

Arts & Culture Commission

Appointed by City Council

  • Sara Wood-Shaw, Chairperson (Council Representative)
  • Nick Healy
  • Kathy Fox
  • Judy Hunt (Council Representative)
  • Brianna Hickman, Vice-Chair
  • Hilary Stultz Wilson
  • David Bougher
  • Allyson Varlas
  • Brianna Cecil

Board of Zoning Appeals

Appointed by City Council

  • Charles Rush
  • Della Deskins
  • Katie Dantrassy
  • David Oiler
  • Dennis Hall

Building Commission


Appointed by City Council

  • William Mentzer, Chair
  • (Vacant)
  • (Vacant)
  • City Clerk Sondra Hewitt (Secretary)

Building Enforcement Agency

City Code

  • Fire Chief Gary Brandon
  • Building Inspector Joe Richmond
  • Jeff Yeater
  • City Manager Rick Healy

City-County Library Board

Appointed by City Council

  • James Stultz
  • Vice-Mayor David Wood

Firefighter’s Civil Service Commission

Appointed by the Chamber of Commerce, Mayor, and Firefighter Union

  • Colin Simmons, President
  • Fred Brunner
  • James Kudlak

Historic Landmarks Commission

Appointed by the City Manager

  • Carole Wood, Chair
  • Karen Baker
  • Patricia Weinschenker
  • (Vacant)
  • (Vacant)

Housing Authority

Appointed by the City Manager

  • Teresa Zukoff
  • Heather Martin
  • Taylor Sheperd
  • Barbara Rush
  • Rita Sedosky
  • Shannon Marshall, Executive Director

Planning Commission  

More Information on Planning Commission

Appointed by the City Manager

  • Josephine Mentzer, Chairperson
  • Jane Klug
  • Councilperson Brianna Hickman
  • Gary Goode
  • Bill McConnell
  • Todd Morris
  • John Icard
  • Building Inspector Joe Richmond
  • David Bougher
  • Thomas Berry
  • (Vacant)
  • Attorney Peter Kurelac

Police Civil Service Commission

Appointed by the Chamber of Commerce, FOP, and City Manager

  • Trevor Goode, President
  • Karen Baker
  • Don Shilling

Sanitary Board/Stormwater Board

Appointed by City Council

  • City Manager Rick Healy, Chair
  • Bill McConnell
  • Amanda Weese
  • Brock Castilow, Superintendent
  • Attorney (Vacant)

Water Board

Appointed by City Council

  • Brad Varlas, Chair
  • James Stultz
  • David Wood
  • City Manager Rick Healy (Non-Voting)
  • Mayor Sara Wood-Shaw (Non-Voting)
  • Terry Roberts, Superintendent 
  • Christian Turak, Attorney